Some of our clients: provides cloud-based operations software to numerous airlines around the world.

DeRef has worked with since 2011. Notable achievements include streamlining the deployment pipeline from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, and leading the operations team for 9 months while introducing reliable processes and communication.

Wirecard NZ provides solutions for the banking industry.

DeRef has worked with Wirecard NZ since 2011, implementing build and deployment automation for their card management solution, creating code management and release processes, leading their release team for a while, and assisting with compliance audits.

Ranqx provides a cloud-based financial benchmarking service.

DeRef has worked with Ranqx since 2016, implementing deployment automation for all of their environments which executes in < 5 minutes, managing their cloud infrastructure and performing their operations functions.

XM Developments provides a cloud-based ecommerce solution.

DeRef has worked with XM Developments since 2017, leading the operations team for 9 months, providing deployment automation for a new product architecture, improving reliability of operations, and assisting with solution architecture from an infrastructure perspective.