Delivering your DevOps Objectives

DevOps Transformation

DevOps promises enormous benefits for your business, but achieving them takes more than just hiring a DevOps Engineer to do some automation and make technical improvements. DeRef will engage with your whole team, and help you embed the process, responsibilities, and tools to really get the benefits of DevOps.

Continuous Delivery

DeRef has partnered with Armory to bring Spinnaker, the leading continuous delivery platform, to New Zealand.

At DeRef we’re excited about Spinnaker because it solves many of the problems facing our clients, giving them greater control over their software delivery, without having to pay to write and maintain their own custom scripts. We work with our clients to ensure they get the maximum benefit from their investment in Spinnaker.

Spinnaker is the right choice for a delivery platform because it has a strong open source community as well as the backing of major software companies including Netflix, its original creator, and cloud providers Google and Amazon.

Software Delivery Consulting

If you’re facing some other software delivery challenge, like an unreliable service, legacy technology, lack of experience, or inability to deliver features; then we may be able to help. Our depth of experience means that we have faced many different problems, and it’s likely we’ve encountered, and solved, yours already.