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The best technical DevOps skills available

  • DevOps skills are in short supply, but we’re available and will support you in the long-term.
  • We are the specialists you want, scaling to fit your budget and needs.
  • Your dev team can finally focus on business goals, without deployment distractions.
  • Software delivery is not your core business, but it is ours.
  • We’re a team with a wide range of experience, and we work as a team.

Service Summary

Initial Assessment

One of our consultants will spend time with your team learning about your software delivery. We’ll share our findings with you, along with recommendations for improvement. We will cover both technical and process aspects of your deployment pipeline, development practices, and operations practices. The length of the process will depend on the size and complexity of your system.

Defined Improvements

Either following on from the free assessment, or for a pain point you already know about, DeRef can deliver specific improvements as a defined piece of work. We agree on exactly the improvement to be delivered and then work to requirement. This is useful for companies with strict budget constraints or very clear requirements such as architecture changes.

Typical improvements we deliver are:

  • Creation, modification, or extension of deployment pipelines.
  • Establishment of operational systems.
  • Changes to development or operational processes.
  • Process and technical updates for architectural or tool changes.
  • Cultural Training.
  • Documentation.
  • Migration Planning.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks.

Ongoing Improvements

For organisations more comfortable with hiring staff, we can provide people to deliver improvements on an ongoing basis, either part-time or full-time. You get all the benefits of DeRef using a contract arrangement you are familiar with. We can build flexibility in to the contract allowing more senior or junior staff to be involved.

Please note that our staff do regularly attend off-site training including conferences.

Managed Pipelines

This full service option gives the best results. Your development team can focus on your business goals, because our experts ensure the deployment pipelines are fast and reliable.

DeRef takes primary responsibility for constructing, supporting, and enhancing your deployment pipelines. We follow leading practice, and build consistency across projects, delivering you improvements as they arise in the global community. We work closely with your team to ensure their needs are met, resolve issues promptly, and provide training if required. We communicate with the people handling both your development and operations functions, bridging any gaps and guiding you towards DevOps.

You won’t be locked in: we provide documentation for everything we do; we use widely adopted open source or commercial tools that your team are familiar with. The only problem is you won’t be able find a better alternative.

If you need to run a 24×7 on-call operations team, and you’re struggling to make it work, DeRef might be able to help you there. Contact us to discuss options.

Cost for managing pipelines always varies according to the complexity of the software, and will be no different with DeRef. For example, software in architectural flux will generate more work on the deployment pipelines and operational practices, legacy software will require effort to bring up to a reasonable baseline possibly even requiring architectural changes, while simple and new projects will be much more economical.