To Enable the Delivery of Quality Software

The modern software team delivers a service, which means not just software development, but system operations as well. DevOps has risen to respond to this growing need, in both its cultural and technical aspects.

But our global DevOps adoption and ability to deliver quality software is hampered by a skills shortage, in particular a severe lack of people with deep experience and technical skills in software delivery automation.

DeRef addresses the skills shortage with its DevOps offerings.

DeRef does not create expensive and unique software delivery systems for each team, we reuse patterns and tools that work, providing a reliable and efficient software delivery infrastructure. Our patterns are constantly improving, and we are able to provide those improvements to all of our teams, without the necessity of expensive development each and every time.

This is the best option for software teams because delivery mechanisms are not a business differentiator.  Your creative effort should be invested into your software, where it can excite your customers and your developers. Your pipelines should just work.